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Pond Fountains – Adding a Special Charm to Your Garden

Pond Fountains are a great addition to your garden or backyard. You might have seen pond fountains even at business locations. But what most of us miss out is the calming sensation these pond fountains inflict. The water gurgling or gushing from these fountains and the view of crystal clear water provide a unique feeling.

Well, even though pond fountains make an outstanding architectural fixture, which can either pour the water in the basin or send it into the air, the audio and visual impact is breathtaking. Earlier, pond fountains had very simplistic designs and were mainly used for ornamental purposes. But with technological advancements, a wide variety of upgraded and more attractive fountains is available today. People have also understood different ways of the placement of pond fountains. Apparently, their position and how they are installed impacts the decor of your house. These beautiful outdoor objects create a focal point in the form of an active geyser, a soothing cascade, or anything in between. Besides, these water features are healthy for the ponds as well. The constantly moving water and amount of oxygen in the pool improve the pond aeration.

However, to keep these fountain ponds functioning properly, it is imperative that you perform periodic maintenance on it. Pumps operate pond fountains. Primarily, it is necessary to take care of the pump. Clean the pump every four months. Sometimes, submersible pumps are clogged by the accumulated debris. If you ever notice the flow of the water in the pond slowing down, it might be because of the dirty filter. Most likely, you will be required to clean the filter about two-three times a year. However, remember not to over clean the filter. Don’t pressure the washer pads and don’t use the tap water to clean them. If you do these two tactics, it will kill off the beneficial bacteria in the pond pump.

If you live in the region with changing seasons, ensure that your pond fountain is prepared for different weathers. In the fall and spring, a lot of debris fall into the pond. During this time, you have to be proactive about cleaning. You can use a pond skimmer to remove the flowers, sticks, and leaves to block them from clogging the pump. If you live in the countries where there is freezing temperature during winters, it is advisable to shut down the fountain. Such cold temperatures can freeze and break the internal components of the pond fountain.

Fountains can really help your ponds to make a statement. You can opt these water features to not only heighten the aesthetic of your home but also because they require minimal maintenance and give an excellent look to the outdoors whether you’re finding one to purchase or thinking to create one on your own, check out homespacedecor.com for various options. It provides an excellent collection of pond fountains that complement the beauty of your garden, backyard, lawn, or even the office location.

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