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Enhance Your Kid’s Bathing Experience With Bath Toys

Kids are impatient by nature, and their attention span is short. You won’t find them standing or sitting in one place for long. And if their demands aren’t fulfilled, there is a high possibility of them crying. Such factors make it challenging for most parents to bathe their kids as they find nothing exciting in the bath besides playing with the water.

Right bathing practices can make bath time enjoyable for babies. During their initial days, babies may not like going into the water. It is suggested to give a sponge bath during the first month and then gradually introduce them to the bathing tub. If your baby is scared of getting into the water, you can sing a song or talk to him to divert his attention. Another way to make bath time interesting for babies is by using baby bathing toys. A variety of bath toys such as rubber duck, bathing toy duck, floating tubes, and other tub toys are available today.

Before you undress your baby for bath, the first thing you should do is to keep all the bath accessories for your baby ready. Keep the clothes, soap, shampoo, oil, powder and towel within your reach so that you don’t have to leave your baby in the water for long. Pour three to four cups of water on the baby to make him acquainted with the water’s warmth. This will not only remove the fear in him but also make him experience a soothing bath. Mild soaps and shampoos are enough for washing your baby. For cleaning the areas under the folds of the skin, use a washcloth damped in warm water. Once your little one begins enjoying his bath, you can leave him/her in water with baby bathing toys to play.

If your toddler catches a cold because of long bathing time, don’t panic. Just pat him dry using a clean, dry towel – wipe his ears, eyes and nose tips with cotton balls. If you have an older kid at home, install a pool in your backyard and spend the weekends with him in the pool. There are many bathtub toys which can be used in the outdoor pools to make the bathing time more enjoyable. Homespacedecor offers an exciting range of baby bath toys for endless fun at the pool or tub.

However, while shopping for bathtub toys, keep the safety aspect in mind. Don’t buy toys with pointy or sharp edges or toys that have small elements like buttons or plastic guns. Often, while playing, buttons get detached from the toys, and there is a likelihood that your child may swallow these. Buy bright coloured toys which attract your tot’s attention as you want your child to be occupied with the toy while you bathe them.

Homespacedecor provides you with a wide range of bathtub toys with features, skill-set, specifications and its uses. Browse through our website and enhance your kid’s bathing experience with best bath toys.

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