UV Toothbrush Holder with Sterilization Function, Drying and Toothpaste Holder, Build-in Fan, Family Toothbrush for Shower Bathroom 5 Toothbrushes Holding

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Rated Power: 2.3W
Product Weight: 370g
Product Size: 220*65*110mm
Technical Parameter Power Voltage: DC3.7/5V
Working Current: 600mA
Working Temperature: 5-40℃UV
Intensity: 1.1mw/cm20.01ppms
Ozone Intensitys0.05ppm
Charging with USB and equipped with an Adapter, No battery required.

Cleaning Instructions:
1. Please unplug the power before cleaning it
2. Please wipe and dry it when cleaning.
3.Do not rinse it with water.

Installing Instructions:
1. Please paste 3M double tape on smooth and dry surface.
2. Please wipe and dry the surface, then paste in the middle of glass, ceramic tile or mirror and press hard for 2 minutes. Finally Hanging toothbrush after 1 hour later.
3. 3M double paste tap may fall off because of the humidity and temperature of the bathroom so please fix the sticker around with sealant.
4. If hanging heavy items please use 2 screws to fix the UV sterilizer, Please avoid UV lights contacting with water and suffering from severe shock.

1. Please do NOT touch heating panel. Only allowed to touch after not working 5 minutes later.
2. Please avoid UV lights contacting with water and suffering from severe shock.
3. Please do NOT put the product in the water or spray it directly with water.
4. Please charge it with 5V/1-2A wall adapter because too large voltage on current can damage the product.
5. Please do NOT break up the product if working abnormally. Please contact with seller

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