Ner Mitzvah 6 Hour Neironim Candles - Shabbat and Votive Wax Candle - 72 Count

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Nothing beats the simplistic beauty of neironim candles. Burning slowly and softly in glass holder, neironim set a serene mood and add a graceful touch to your dinner or Shabbat table.

Made to fit in most standard size votive glass candle holders, these can be placed upon beautiful candlesticks and event centerpieces of all sizes. When kindled, the candle melts slowly into a liquid wax before burning in a calm, steady flame.

Enhance your special event with Neironim candles today.


These classically designed candles burn for approximately 6 hours to last through your celebration while still allowing you to go to sleep at night without worries. Even those with sensitive nostrils can bask in the warm glow of these unscented votives.

Illuminating your surroundings, these versatile candles are both beautiful and functional. Their myriad uses include:

- Shabbos & Yom Tov Candles
- Church, Vigils & other Religious Ceremonies
- Chanuka Menorah
- Weddings, Parties & Celebrations
- Restaurants & Cafes
- Yoga Studio or Spa
- Emergency Candles during Power Outages

Try our candles today and let Ner Mitzvah light up your life!

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