Furinno SENIK Empire State City View 3-Panel MDF Framed Photography Triptych Print, 72 x 24 Inches

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Descriptions:Our triptych (set of 3) prints are our most popular prints. We make them by printing digital photography onto vinyl. We then wrap the vinyl onto wooden MDF boards that are an inch thick to make them super durable. On top of the prints, we laminate with a thin covering to protect the print from stains. They can be cleaned with Windex. We pack them with wall hangers, and adhesive strips to give you multiple options to hang them easily. Packed with wall hangers and easy no hassle installation.

  • Frameless 3 Panel Photography Print Digitally printed on UV Protected Vinyl with advance technology. Image copyright owner. 10 years color guarantee for indoor display.
  • Material: Oil ink direct printing with ultra violet protection on E0 MDF panel with XPS materials that are approved by each standard.
  • Mounted to 1-inch thick MDF Wooden Frames. Each Panel Size is 24 (Wide) x 24-Inch (Height).
  • Wall hangers are included and fit into slots in the back of each panel. Closed-Cell structure, light material, low thermal conductivity rate, airtight, anti-corrosion, crush resistance, aging resistance and moisture-proof.
  • Laminated to protect the print and make it easy to clean. It would not get bubbled or crinkled; no harmful emission material.
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