300pcs Glow in The Dark Pebbles for Walkways D?cor, Outside Bulk Glow in The Dark Rocks for Outdoor Fairy Garden, Glowing Stones for Driveway, Fish Tank Aquarium Glow Decorations Gravel, White/Blue

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Slomg Night Stones Glow in the Dark Pebbles for Pond, Glow in the Dark Rocks for Garden, Fish Tank Aquarium Garden Glow Rock Pebble Stones for Yard, Glowing Gravel for Driveway. A Must Have Outside Glow in the Dark Set.

Slomg glow in the dark cobblestones comes with 300pcs glow in the dark stone egg and you can have fun with glow up decor without the mess. With appropriate time under sunlight (at least 1 hour), luminous glow in the dark pebbles are showing the beauty at night.

Simply follow 2 easy steps to forget the mess and stress of setting your own glow in the dark pebble lights for garden walkways: remove the package and put the large bulk grow rocks under the sun in the day, keep them away from the light source at night.

Have a cooler summer with these glowing stone rocks outdoor garden. Also Great for fish tank glow in the dark decorations and make your aquarium glow in the dark.

Hold a Designer Game for making brilliant glow gravel stones shapes for teens, youth, kids, children, boys, and girls. Fast, easy, and fun way to make a perfect glow in the dark outside games every time! Life can be so easy!



  • 1.Eco-friendly: these night rocks absorb sunlight during the day and light up at night. Not only saving our money but for saving the environment around us.

    2. Glow lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours after full sun exposure.

    3.300PCS set of man-made glow pebble stone, line a glow stone path/driveway/walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique glow gravels, also served as light pebbles for the yard.

    No Electricity Required Glowing Rocks ??These luminous pebbles glow stones absorb sunlight during the day and light up at night, and they will glow for up to 2-3 hours after normal daylight exposure. These glow stones are White in the day, but they are going to be Blue glow pebble rocks at night!
  • Perfect Glow in the Dark Decorations??Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these glowing pebble stones that will glow on the dark after being exposed to daylight. These dark pebbles stones are Ideal for fish tanks rocks pebbles gravel, aquarium gravel & glow decor, ponds, yard, waterscapes, landscape decoration, potted plants, lighting a pathway or driveway, garden glowing stones, crafts, etc.
  • Some People Don?? Know How to Deal with the Used Outdoor Glow Rocks ??No worries, just let the night stones be, the glowing pebbles for the garden can absorb light and glow repeatedly and you can use them for up to 15 years. Perfect for DIY lover and let the night glow pebbles ECO
  • A Suitable Amount for Outdoor Glow Pebble Stones ??glow in the dark stones 300 pieces at an affordable price, Be a genius of making glow in the dark items, Color: White (Don?? glow up) & Blue (Glowing), Size:0.8-1.2/ 2-3cm/ Pc
  • How to make them glow? Put them under sunlight to charge for at least an hour. They glow longer if you charge longer. Made from Polystyrene (PS), non-toxic & tasteless, non-radioactive, Recommended for Ages 3+, Adult supervision required. Buy from the source, SLOMG Direct is the only legal seller of Slomg luminous garden rocks & light / bright pebbles, Money-Back guaranteed.

Tips:?After absorbing enough sun or light, the pebbles will glow for 2-3 hours. As the pebbles can glow only for 2-3 hours, so please check the glowing effect within 2-3 hours after leaving the light source.

Package Included:?Pack of 300 outdoor glow pebbles stone

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