Vintage Parts 9213 Gobi Compact Heater Deluxe Kit

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Vintage’s Gobi heater kit can warm up the coldest vehicle with ease. Heating is provided from the hot engine coolant just like an OEM setup, but in a much more compact size making it easy to fit under your dash or seat. Ideal for hot rods, street rods, and customs. Beware of lower quality plastic cases that are prone to cracking and damage. Only the Gobi heater case is made from high strength steal guarantied to handled the harshest environments. Each Gobi heater includes 2 adjustable vents, 1 main vent, high speed blower motor, 3 speed adjustable switch, mounting brackets detailed instructions, and much more. . Case Material Metal BTU 12,000 BTU Motor Speed 3 Switch Included Mounting Brackets 2 Heating Element Engine Coolant Vents 3 Adjustable Vents 2 Center Vent Open

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