Time Timer TWIST 90 Minute Visual Digital Timer; Magnetic and Portable Time Management Tool – Red – TT31-W

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Time Timer: Proven for 25 years to be a globally recognized time management resource. Designed to show the passage of time using a digital countdown disk. As time elapses, the digital tick marks disappear in a clear, graphic way ??making common routines at work, school and home stress-free and enjoyable. The Time Timer TWIST is the ideal time management resource for all abilities, including kids and adults with Autism / ADHD. At home use the TWIST in the kitchen, playroom, the office, or your fitness/workout room to keep you on task. In the classroom, use it to time tests, lectures/presentations and group activities. At work, use this personal timer to keep presentations, meetings and team-building exercises on time and productive. Easy to Use: Simply set the TWIST by turning the outer ring counter-clockwise until you reach your desired whole-minute time (up to 90 minutes). Press the ??lay??button found above the digital screen. While counting down, the center digital number display indicates the remaining minutes and seconds. The digital tick marks begin as a full disk regardless of the duration you set and move in a clockwise direction. Without losing your timed duration, the timer can be paused during your activity and restarted by pressing the ??lay/pause??button. A continuous alert lets you know when time is up and continues for one-minute, but can be shortened by pressing the ??ause??button. The Time Timer TWIST is not recommended for sound-sensitive environments. Questions / Support: AMZsupport@timetimer

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: 90-minute digital visual timer to stay on task, assists with organization and concentration. As time expires, the visible display of digital tick marks disappears in a clockwise direction.
  • TWIST HIGHLIGHTS: Play/Pause button allows you to pause your timed activity and pick up where you left off. Small and portable for individual use and on-the-go needs. Magnets make it easy to put right where you need it, whenever you need it.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS: The visual design of the Time Timer is proven to ease transitions and encourages independence and productivity for all abilities (Intuitive Assistive Technology).
  • QUIET OPERATION AND AUDIBLE ALERT: No loud ticking provides the silence and focus for school, homework, and other activities. The alarm signal is a one-minute, continuous alert. The continuous alert ensures you will not miss the end of your timed activity. You may pause the timer to end the alert early.
  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: One AAA battery required (not included). Diameter: 3.5 inches x 1 inch. Ideal size for individual use. A magnetic back attaches to most metallic surfaces from refrigerators and file cabinets to the whiteboard in your classroom.


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