Tableclothsfactory 2 Pack 24 Blush Real Feel Foam Daisy Flowers for Walls Backdrops Centerpieces Arrangements Party Home Decoration

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Pizzazz up your backdrops, walls, and tables with our over-sized artificial flowers which look so realistic that you literally feel them blooming and budding out of your walls! Whether you desire to embellish your birthday dessert table, make a background for fun Wedding photo booth or disguise an unsightly eyesore at your home or party venue, these robust, high-grade foam flowers will elegantly personalize your space and beautifully elevate your photographs from flat to fantastic! Soft, smooth texture and amazingly life-like construction coupled with the huge magical size give these flowers a refreshingly fanciful appeal. The foam circle underneath this Giant Gerber Daisy has two wire loops attached for easy hanging or attaching to other foam flowers, decoration, and accentuating the cakes, arches, tables, chairs, and more.

Made from thicker, more durable foam material, the petals are 100% machine-cut and factory pressed, this will always hold their shape, keeping a clean, uniform appearance. Such gorgeous grandeur always triggers the aesthetic instincts of our creative clients, giving them a dream accessory to create magnificent magnum opuses with.

Mix and match different sizes and kinds of flowers to create eye-popping Wallscapes, add dimension to any wall by creating Faux Foliage and Flower Wall Backdrops, create wonderful Vertical Flower Gardens or Hanging Gardens, use for photo booths or as photo props, make magnificent Wedding Arch, dress up the Cake Tables, Dessert Tables, Head Tables or top the cake with it, adorn the gifts and favors, decorate the passages, windows, or ceilings, stick on the Faux Foliage or Flower Wall Mats along with our 3D Foam Flowers, Paper Flowers, Silk Flowers, Double Winged 3D Butterflies, and Ivy Garlands, add Fairy or String Lights to add further depth and dazzle to your decoration; the list to how these durable, reusable, and adorable flowers can be used will be never ending.

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