Oslo Collection 58-LO3-24-103-CP Mac Motion Recliner, One Size, Sand/Tan

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Celebrate all of your success by rewarding yourself with a recliner from the ??slo collection.??These top of the line recliners are the perfect way to end your hustle and bustle filled day. With a timeless appearance and above average quality, the Oslo Collection stands far above the rest. These recliners provide increased satisfaction and luxury by placing a generous amount of memory foam in the seating. ?We know how hard you work, so we work just as hard to ensure that you have a rejuvenating place to rest and relax your head with the cervical pillow. With comfort as a priority, the handle allows for an adjustable recline to your satisfaction. The matching therapeutic designed ottoman will only add to your experience. The durable upholstery and color options can blend in or stand out in any setting. Invest in to future with the comfort you deserve.

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