Matfer Bourgeat Excellence Sauce Pan without Lid, 7 1/8-Inch, Gray

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Matter Bourgeat excellence cookware design that combines cooking performance with ergonomics.suitable For all heat Cooking by uniform heatconduction in skirt and base.may Be used on any available heat source.hygiene:handles Are perfectly watertight (no risk ofbacteria development)the angle at the base and area around thehandle are designed for easy Features:Special stainless steel body.sandwich Aluminum base bottom with shape memory.reinforced Edge.Handles Are insulated stainless steel tube and staycool to prevent heat diffusing.French Standard NF and us NSF.

  • Diameter 7 1/8, height 3 1/2, quarts 2 3/8
  • Lid sold separately
  • Need a lid refer to item (692018)
  • French standard NF and us NSF

Item Dimensions:3.54×7.48×14.76 inches

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