In the Breeze 2716 Retroreflective Flower Spinner Driveway Marker, 12, Rainbow FBAB07CZKKF1F

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A fun and unique way to mark your driveway at night! While this colorful item spins and moves all day, it’s true purpose comes out in the dark! Each flower petal edge is wrapped with retroreflective fabric. Meaning, that when a light is shined on it at night, the fabric will glow(like the white stripes on the road). This is a perfect way to add a decorative item to your yard in the day, but can then be seen at night, when a light is shined on it. Retroreflective(like bike reflectors) versus reflective(like a mirror):When light is pointed at a retroreflective surface it bounces back directly to the original source, and no where else, creating a bright glow at night. In the Breeze is a family run company based in Central Oregon. We have been a leader in manufacturing outdoor fabric decorative products, kinetic spinners and kites for over 30 years! We take pride in our award winning designs. Our product development team pays attention to every detail, using the best fabric compositions, color trends, printing techniques, sewing and embroidery applications. In addition, we are using innovative connectors, fiberglass, string, swivels, adherents and findings. Every step of the way we are involved in the process and design of each unique item. In the Breeze stands behind every product we make. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us. In the Breeze believes that color processing and motion stimuli are essential to both adults and children. Get outside with your family and friends and enjoy all that In the Breeze products have to offer. Color our world with color in motion!-The In the Breeze Team

  • In the Breeze item #2716 – Retroreflective 12 Rainbow Flower Spinner. Make your DRIVEWAY MARKER a little more decorative. We call it decorating with a purpose!
  • Each flower is 12 inch wide by 36 inches tall. Perfect height to be SPOTTED AT NIGHT.
  • The colorful flower is made with weather and fade resistant fabric and the grey casing on the edge of each petal is made with RETROREFLECTIVE FABRIC!
  • Retroreflective FABRIC GLOWS AT NIGHT, when a light is shined at it, like the white stripes on a road.
  • These REFLECTIVE SPINNERS are an easy way to mark your driveway, edge of your yard, or just to have something fun out spinning! They look great in the day and come alive at night!


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