Byourbed Coma Inducer Twin XL Comforter – UB-Jealy – Nightfall Navy

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Inspired by the classic fight for more covers! The question posed was, Can there be bedding so plush and cozy that you not only fight for it, but more importantly refuse to lose the fight? When you win that fight you can tell your opponent (yes, opponent), who is sure to be upset and mean to you, UB-Jealy – or if you speak proper English you can say: You are being Jealous. The focal point of your bed set is your comforter, so why not choose an oversized comforter that is truely comfortable? Well if that sounds good to you then look no further than the Coma Inducer Comforter – UB-Jealy – Nightfall Navy from Byourbed. This beautiful blue bedding is made from Yarn Dyed Luxury Plush for bedding so soft you won’t believe it. And with a thick inner polyester fill, you won’t need an extra blanket to keep you warm at night.

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