Arlai Box of 6, Bouquet Holders – Bridal Wedding Bouquet Holder Decoration

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Tips:The basic method before flower arrangement; 1.Put the mud in the deep water soak, let it slowly sink and sink, do not press by hand; 2.The muddy water is fast, so you can soak floral foam before preparing floral flower arrangement, do not advance too long in advance, because the soaking time is too long, will lead to the water in the mud is not fresh, thus affecting the time spent.

  • Box of 6, bouquet holders – large straight handle bridal bouquet holder
  • Size about: length 7.85 inch straight handle wedding bouquet holder, floral bouquet holders.
  • Material: plastic, flower mud foam bouquet holder
  • For use with fresh flowers. Soak in water before inserting flowers.(Package is equipped with instructions)
  • For bouquet for packaging, for wedding occasion, valentine’s day present, engagement party et.

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