2 Flags Display Case – Wall Mounted Box

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2 Flags display case – Wall Mounted box 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case – Fit Burial CaseThe 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case is the perfect case for hanging on the wall to display two flags. This wall-mounted case can be made to display flags of the following sizes: 3′ x 5′ and 5′ x 8′; as well as 5′ x 9.5′ flags. The case is handcrafted, and is made with love by a veteran! Made in the U.S.A. Other names for this 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case include: flag case for memorial flags; flag and medal display case; a military flag case; a military flag box; a flag shadow box; a burial flag display; a veteran flag display case; and a flag display.For those who want to display more than one flag at once, no matter what the combination of flags are??perhaps a military flag and American flag placed side by side??this wonderful 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case addition to a wall in your home or office is a keepsake for multiple purposes. Display this 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case as a military branch display case, a memorial flag display case, a burial flag display case or a police flag or firefighter flag display case. Whatever the end use, this attractive flag display case, roomy enough for a double flag display, is perfect as an enduring gift for military servicemen and servicewomen and their families. The encased compartment is also perfect for display at government buildings, where state and provincial flags can be combined with the American flag to enhance an office buildings sense of place and patriotism. The 2 Flags display case – Wall Mounted boxGive as ??ade in the USA gifts as special thank-yous during this busy election season, or for any season. The 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case is also ideal for flag display gifts for those entering or retiring from the military or college. For military veterans, what better way to show appreciation than giving this gift as a special veterans flag case, with double-folded Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force military flag combined with Old Glory. The 2 Flag Wall Mounted Case will fit :The 3×5 flagsAnd the 5×9.5 Large burial flags Size: 22 x 26 x 2.25For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass Orders for the 2 Flags display case – Wall Mounted boxare usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.Testimonials Dear Flag Connections,Your memorial flag case represented our family well. I had no hassle in making the order and I received a very prompt delivery, well before my friends scheduled memorial service. Thanks for a beautiful box.Diana Waugh Dear Flag Connections,This memorial flag case is just the thing I was looking for to honor my late father. I had a classic cremation urn before, but felt that this solid wooden case was a bit more suitable with its flag overlay. He served for 20 years in the force and this was very appropriate. I wish I knew about these before. Nothing but the best for Dad.Abdul Grant[BurialFlagBox] [BurialFlagBoxes] [BurialFlagCase] [BurialFlagCases] [BurialFlagDisplayBox] [BurialFlagDisplayBoxes] [BurialFlagDisplayCase] [BurialFlagShadowBox] [CasketFlagBox] [CasketFlagCase] [CasketFlagCases] [CasketFlagDisplayBox] [CoffinFlagBox][CoffinFlagDisplayBox][FlagBoxes] [FlagCase] [FlagCases] [LargeFlagDisplayBox] [FlagDisplayBoxes] [FlagDisplayCases] [FlagFrame] [FlagShadowCase] [FlagShadowCases] [flagboxes] [flagcases] [FlagFrame] [CasketFlagShadowCase] [CasketFlagShadowCases] [AmericanFlagBox] [AmericanFlagBoxes] [AmericanFlagshadowBox] [Police Flag Case] [Decorative Banner Flags] [Military Flag Display Case] [Military shadow] [Flag Display Case] [Imported US Flags][Flag and document Display cases] [American Flag Display Case, Burial Display case for flag] [American Burial Flag Box] [Casket Flag Case and Medal, Casket Medal Flag Display] [Flag Display Case Air Force] [Marine Corps Flag Display Case] [Military Flag and Document Holder] [Military Frame, Military Flag Display Case] [Rectangle Flag Medal Case Medal flag Frame] [USMC Flag and Certificate Display Case, USMC Flag Frame] [Buy Flag Display case – Fit Large flag, burial flag 5ft x 9.5ft] [Engraved Brass Plates] [Flag and Memorabilia, Flag Shadow Box, Combination Flag Medal] [Glass Laser Engraved Flag Display Case] [Officers Flag Display Case AND Pedestal for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag] [Flag and Photo Display case,Photo and Medal Display case] [Large Military Flag and Medal Display Case]

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