2 Day Beeswax Yahrtzeit Candle – 48 Hour Kosher Memorial and Yom Kippur Candle in Glass Jar – by Ner Mitzvah

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This classic 2 Day memorial candle is designed to safely light a flame in honor of a yahrtzeit, for Yom Kippur, Yom Tov and other holidays, or for use in Synagogues and for other religious services and ceremonies.


24 Hour Burn Time
Glass Jar
1 Count Bulk Value Pack
Self Standing
Safely Burns in Self Contained Holder


Hand Crafted in Europe by expert candle makers, these candles are designed to burned slow and emit a warm, soft glow. Unscented and smokeless, you’ll barely notice these candles are lit.


These holders contain the flame safely so you need not worry about anything near the candle for its many hours of burning. It can be placed on any flat surface and will not burn or damage any plate, tray or holder. The candle must remain in its original holder.


Use these candles for a multitude of uses and functions:

– Yahrtzeit Candle
– Yom Tov Candle
– Yom Kippur Candle
– Neshama Licht
– Vigils
– Memorial Sites
– Religious Ceremonies and Events
– Synagogues and Churches

The premier source for Judaica candles, resources and gifts, Ner Mitzvah has been bringing the light of tradition to thousands of homes for decades.

  • 2 DAY CANDLE: Perfect for use on Yom Tov, to mark the anniversary of a loved one’s passing on a yahrzeit, or for memorials.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Imported from Europe, these candles are made with high grade Besswax that melts slowly with a soft glow.
  • SAFE GLASS JAR HOLDER: The holder is not only elegant, the flame burns safely inside its tall walls without risk to anything outside it catching fire.
  • FREE STANDING: The self-standing candle does not require a tray, cup or candlestick. It can be placed safely on any surface or vigil site.
  • Kind of Candle? For mystical reasons, some have the custom to specifically use a candle made out of beeswax. The reason for this is , that the Hebrew word for beeswax is shaavah (????), which is an acronym (albeit rearranged) for ????? ????? ????? ???-Awaken and sing, you who dwell in the dust. This verse is an allusion to the time of the resurrection, when we will all be reunited with those who have passed on.

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