1803 Candles – Melters (Lavender Sugar)

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Soy wax melters add Fragrance without a Flame to any room. We generously hand-pour our melters into a resealable packaging that features six squares of your signature 1803 Candles scent. Each melt is topped with dried botanicals to add an enriching touch of texture and beauty. We use pure soy wax from soybeans grown in the USA and blend it with the finest fragrances available. To use, we suggest adding one to two melter squares depending on the depth of your warmer. Soy Wax Melters Fragrance Time Two squares are approximately 6-8 hours of fragrance time. Size of warmer and bulb wattage will cause varying results. Soy Wax Melters Exclusive Features Easy Breakaway Packaging Six Squares per Package Convenient Size Fragrance without a Flame Hand-Poured Soy Wax Biodegradable Made in the United States Non-Toxic Topped with an Accent of Botanicals Works in Most Wax Warmers Perfect for Sampling a Scent Environmentally Friendly

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