1.5 Oz Hexagon Mini Glass Jars With Silver Lids And Labels (Pack Of 24)

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Do you open the kitchen cupboard to be greeted with bags of spices and mismatched containers? Is it a struggle to grab what you need only to find herbs and preserves you’ve completely forgotten about? With Homemade Perfect 1.5 oz hexagon glass jars you will love how easy it is to organize your spices and quickly pick out what you need. If you’ve ever wished you had a container to hold 7.5 teaspoons of something, these are the jars for you! Hexagonal in shape to make storage as efficient as possible, the set of 24 short spice jars includes rectangular and circular label sheets for easy labelling of your jars and lids. We’ll even email a Word template of each label shape for customers who like to design and print out their own labels! Safe for food use and dishwasher safe – the ideal lunch bag size for condiments and much better than plastic containers. These multi-functional small canning jars are great to use for just about everything: bobby pins, paper clips, rubber bands – you name it, the miniature jars can store it. Perfect for saving small quantities of mixed paint and glue for your crafting projects! Fill them with sugar lip scrub as a bridal shower favor or candy for a baby shower present! Add magnets inside the lids so the jars can be stacked on their side, inside a cabinet! Homemade Perfect small glass containers are ideal for:Making your own small homemade candles, wedding and baby shower party favors or small homemade gifts. Storing custom blends of spices and small samples of jam, storing homemade baby food in the fridge, making your own serving salad dressing to bring to work, canning honey from beehives to sell at your local farmers market. Each set of little bulk jars comes with a peace of mind Replacement Guarantee. Whatever happens we’ve got you covered. If your jars arrived damaged in any way, simply contact us for a quick refund or replacement!


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