Tips for Decorating Home

Whether it is kitchen furniture or dining tables, placement of Feng Shui or hanging of wall arts, you must know how to work up your house’s strengths and hide its flaws. To help you make your home look appealing to just about everyone, we have provided a few tips to upgrade the interiors, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Keep wall colours neutral and light

Let the wall colours of the living room be grey or beige. Don’t paint warm colours or those colours
which display jarring transitions. Walls with neutral tones will help you switch between the wall
accessories and other decorative items as and when required. If two of your rooms are right next to
each other, paint them with the same shade, so that the rooms will look larger. You can move down
or up to a few strips for subtle variation.

Ensure your sofas and chairs are in sync

Have you seen how the furniture in a hotel lobby is arranged in groupings? Doesn't look appealing?
Well, while arranging furniture in your living room, try for a similar sense of intimacy and balance.

The conversation area can either have an H-shaped arrangement with a coffee table in the middle and a sofa and two chairs on either sides or a U-shaped arrangement with two chairs and a couch facing each other at the end of the coffee table. Avoid pushing the furniture against the walls. Most people
don’t realize that furniture against the wall doesn't & make the room look larger. In reality, its the opposite, floating furniture makes your room feel larger.
Ensure that your rooms get more sun A window without curtains is better than heavy, outdated drapes. Your window dressings must be
elegant and functional — for instance, full-length panels paired with sheers. If your room gets a lot of sunshine, go for light shades or pastel shades that won't fade. You can opt for lightweight fabrics such as silk blends, linen, and cotton, which tend to hang well, for the window curtains.

 A mirror in every room
Mirrors bounce the light around in the room and make the area appear brighter. However, placement
of the mirrors is essential; placing in the wrong spot can make the room look ugly. Don’t put the
mirrors directly across the windows but place on the walls perpendicular to them. If put straight across the window, the mirror will bounce the light directly back outside of the window.

Don’t put the artwork anywhere on the wall

The worse thing than hanging dinky little wall art is hanging them too high on the wall. Any artwork or photograph must be placed at an eye-level of an individual. Usually, the middle of the wall is ideal for setting your artwork. Besides, while designing, take the size of the wall into account. For large walls,
opt for a group of smaller pieces or one oversized piece and for smaller walls, don’t space the pictures very far; about 3-4 inches gap between them should be sufficient.Home is the place where you experiment the most with colours and things you like the most.  Some people are inborn interior designers, but if you are one of those who cannot do the significant changes in the house without consulting Pinterest, use the above tips and check out the wide range of furniture available on .

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